Zoo Knoxville: Where the Wild Fun Roams

Zoo Knoxville: Where the Wild Fun Roams

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today, I'm excited to share with you about our recent escapade to Zoo Knoxville—a day packed with wild encounters and all-around good times.  In hindsight, it took us way too long to check out this Knoxville gem!

 A Wild March Afternoon

It was a gorgeous March afternoon, and my wife, Tammy, and I are feeling the urge for adventure to celebrate the last year of my 40’s by taking in a variety of Knoxville’s best which we’d never done before.  More on other parts of that adventure will appear in future posts, I’m sure, but we started off with the zoo in mind, so it’s off to Zoo Knoxville we go!  To summarize: we were blown away at what a gem we have here in Zoo Knoxville!  From the get-go, we were very pleasantly surprised at how well planned and maintained the facilities are and were blown away by the interactive nature of many exhibits, including how close we were able to get to the animals. Seriously, it's like we're sharing a selfie with a lion. How cool is that?

Zoo Vibes

Let's talk about the zoo's overall vibe. It's fresh, it's clean, and it's buzzing with excitement around each thoughtfully-planned corner.  We loved the new river otter exhibit and were really taken in by the suspension bridge to the treehouse which sits up in the air, right in the middle of the gibbons exhibit and overlooks the tigers!  I’m not personally one to be so interested in the reptiles but the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Center at Zoo Knoxville really is something to take in.  Who knew a king cobra could get that big!

Chowing Down

OK, we didn't actually chow down this time - we were too busy monkeying around! (Sorry, couldn’t help it).  Actually, we only had a couple of hours to spend at the zoo because of the other birthday-related antics we had planned for the rest of the evening.  (Look for future posts about our experience at Peter Kern Library at Oliver Hotel and Not Watsons in Market Square).  I will say, though, that it looked to me that you have plenty of good grubbing options for lunch and tasty treats throughout the day.

Affordable Fun

Okay, let's talk moolah. Ticket prices are totally reasonable:

  • Adults: $26.95
  • Kids 3-12: $21.95
  • Seniors 65+: $21.95
  • College students: $21.95
  • Kids 2 and under: FREE
  • Military & Veterans: FREE
  • Zoo Knoxville Members: FREE
  • Parking $5.00

Become a Member

Considering how awesome our day was, Tammy and I are seriously thinking about joining the zoo crew or what they call a Member.  Apparently, being a Zoo Knoxville Member isn't just about scoring free entry—it's about joining a community that's all about saving wildlife and having a blast while doing it.  It further supports Zoo Knoxville’s mission, which you can read about here:  https://zooknoxville.org/about/conservation/

Conclusion: Let's Get Wild!

So, there you have it—our wild day at Zoo Knoxville. Whether you're looking to get up close and personal with some furry friends or just craving a day of good ol' family fun (with our without kids) Zoo Knoxville's where it's at. So, grab your squad and get wild together at Zoo Knoxville. Trust me, it's a jungle out there—in the best possible way!

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